Update now published

The update has been published in the marketplace and we have heard from a few folks using non-English settings that this has fixed their problems.  If you were having issues, please give it a try with this new update!

New in
• Fixed bug preventing users in non-English regions from connecting to the network
• Improved map load time
• Map now displays full bleed

Starbucks Finder windows phone map


Oops, Experiencing Service Issues in Some Geographies- Update in Progress

We noticed that we have a pretty nasty bug (we’re calling it the “comma bug”) that affects select users worldwide— if your phone language is set to a region where a comma is used to format numbers instead of a decimal (for example, if your phone displays 4.2 km as 4,2 km), the app will display an error saying that it cannot connect to Starbucks.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience! We believe we have fixed the problem but unfortunately we need to wait for marketplace approval before the update goes out. We expect this will take until the end of the week.

There are a few additional improvements coming in our version 1.2 update as well:

  • Fixed timing bug where stores open past midnight would show as closed once midnight hit
  • Map will be full-bleed
  • Map will load faster

Thanks for your patience!