Starbucks Finder live on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

You can download the app *here*.

We have been super excited to launch this app for Windows Phone. As self-confessed Starbucks addicts (and fans of Windows Phone), we felt that the Windows Phone Marketplace lacked a Starbucks locator app that had all the features we wanted.

We designed Starbucks Finder get you to your closest, open Stabucks store. None of the Windows Phone Starbucks apps we’ve seen show if stores are open or closed, so we designed our whole user interface to make that information as discoverable as possible. Hence, the displays (both map view and list view) are color coded depending on whether or not the store is currently open or currently closed.

List of Starbucks stores near youStarbucks store is closing soonMap view of Starbucks stores near you

There are other features that we felt fellow Starbucks lovers would appreciate in their app, such as which stores are company owned (versus being a licensed location in a Safeway or Fred Meyers), have a drivethrough, serve oven warmed food, and more.

Starbucks store details scrolled to the topStore details scrolled downStore details page on white phone theme

Here is the full list of features in version 1.0:

  • Lists Starbucks stores near you anywhere in the world
  • Embraces metro design principles
  • Closed stores appear grayed-out
  • Map view of nearby stores
  • One-click directions
  • Distance displayed in either miles or kilometers
  • Store information:
    • Store type (company owned or licensed)
    • Drive-through
    • Wireless access
    • Oven warmed food
    • Clover brew coffee machine
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Hours for the full week