The users have spoken! Starbucks Finder one of Top 7 Highest Rated Windows Phone Apps

We were excited to see a new blog by 7tutorials on the Top 7 Highest Rated Apps for Windows Phone. Starbucks Finder makes the list at number 6. The other app we recognized was Baconit (which is one of our favorite apps!) so this list gives us some great new apps to try.   

Happy Starbucks Finding!


Now Finding your Nearest Starbucks Drive Through, Clover Brew, and more!

Version 1.4 of Starbucks Finder just went live, which means Windows Phone users can now filter for stores with specific amenities—company owned, drive through, clover brew, wireless hotspot, and oven warmed food—to find exactly what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, if you upgrade from version 1.3 to version 1.4, the app will delete the card you had in the 1.3 version. This means you will need to add your Starbucks Card to the app again. We already submitted a v1.5 update to the marketplace and made certain that you will NOT need to enter your Starbucks Card to the app again with any future updates.

Starbucks Clover Brew Drive Through Filter Search