Help for Starbucks Finder on Windows 8

Q:  I’ve moved the map view and am now far away from my current location. How do I get back to my location on the map?
A:  You can find your current location by clicking “locate me” in the app bar (you can get to the app bar by swiping up or down from the edges of the screen or right-clicking if you are using a mouse).

Q:  How do I get more store details, like the phone number and directions to the store?
A: The beta version does not include store details or auto-directions. We’re working hard to get this out in future updates.

Q: What do the tile background colors mean?
A:  A green background on the tile means that the store is currently open. A gray background means the store is currently closed. All distances shown on the tiles are relative to the latitude and longitude of your location (detected by your device).

Q: What do these amenity icons mean?
Starbucks Finder Amenities Windows 8

A: When the amenity icons (above) are displayed on a tile, it means that the respective Starbucks location has, from left to right: 1) A clover brew machine, 2) oven-warmed food, 3) wireless internet access, 4) a drive-through

Q: What does it mean when no amenity icons are displayed?
A: This means that does not specify the amenities at that location. It is also more likely that the store is a licensed Starbucks location (for example, located in a Safeway store).

Q: The app data is wrong. I don’t see a Starbucks store that I know exists, the open/closing hours are incorrect, etc. How can I change this information?
A: We get our app data from the Starbucks website. Any changes to data (missing store locations, editing store hours) would need to be made with Starbucks. We suggest bringing up any data accuracy issues to the manager at the respective Starbucks store.

Q: Why is the app showing that I am located in Seattle, when I’m not there?
A: There are two reasons your app may be showing that you are located in Seattle, even if you are not:

  1. You did not allow the app to access your location upon the app’s first launch on your device. You can check if the app is able to access your location in the app settings. (Access the app settings by swiping from the right side of your screen and selecting “Permissions”
  2. If your device is having difficulty locating your current location automatically (but ot still has internet access), it will default to the first-ever Starbucks location (Pike Place in Seattle, WA). You can still use the map to manually zoom to your current location.

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