Windows Phone users: let Starbucks Finder quench your coffee craving. Find your closest, open store and pay with your phone!

Store Locator:
At a glance, see a list of nearby Starbucks locations and whether they are open or closed based on color. View store details for each location (such as drive through or store type) and get one-click directions to the Starbucks of your choice. You can browse the nearest stores on a map. Green pushpins are stores that are currently open. Gray pushpins are stores that are currently closed. Most importantly, with Starbucks Finder you will never again make a trek to Starbucks, only to find yourself left in the cold, peering longingly through the locked door of a recently closed store. If a Starbucks is closing soon, Starbucks Finder shows you how many minutes you have left to get there.

Mobile payment: Pay with your phone!
You can conveniently pay for your favorite Starbucks drink with your phone. Just add your Starbucks card to the app and your barcode is ready to scan! The app supports multiple Starbucks cards. We take security extremely seriously. Your Starbucks card is stored locally on your phone and your card information is never transmitted over the internet.


  • Mobile payment – add your Starbucks card to pay with your phone
  • Supports multiple Starbucks cards
  • Lists Starbucks stores near you anywhere in the world
  • Embraces metro design principles
  • Closed stores appear grayed-out
  • Map view of nearby stores
  • One-click directions
  • Distance displayed in either miles or kilometers
    • Store information:
    • Store type (company owned or licensed)
    • Drive-through
    • Wireless access
    • Oven warmed food
    • Clover brew coffee machine
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Hours

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